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Hello! I'm a mom to 2 toddlers and a step-mother to an 8 year old. I'm a writer, voracious reader, and my first loves were my dogs. Excited to join this site and connect with you all!

Victoria B

1 Year
Hey! Nickname is A.B. and it's cool to be part of the mommy world! I am an English major, freelance writer, wife, and momma of 2 girls, ages 2 and 9. Nice to meet you guys!

Anitra B

1 Year
My essay was featured on TODAY Parents! I’m smiling ear to ear! I’d love for you to read it (https://www.ozofsalt.com/marriage-and-kids-helped-me-find-myself/ )and share your thoughts. My story was in response to their challenge question, “Who Are You?” I shared a personal story about how my insecurities shaped who I am. It was scary, but also cathartic. I know it will connect with and inspire many and for that, I’m humbled and grateful! Step outside. Push yourself! It can be frightening but it’s worth it. #inspire #writer #journalist #momblogger #momofteens #todayparents

Jennifer O

2 Years

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